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..Take pleasure in a blissful experience of having the boutique open for you in a middle of the night (or any other time of the day) to intimately explore mythical garden of extraordinary scents..

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Nasomatto Baraonda Inspiration
We are happy to share some secrets of how Baraonda was created. Interview between Rita Donadei (Nasomatto) and Sergey Borisov (Fragrantica)....
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Filippo Sorcinelli about Nebbia: A new series of three fragrances dedicated to this interesting phenomenon that since ever has fascinated, mov...
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LM Parfums - Arsenic Osman
Mr. Laurent Mazzone spent 2½ years creating unique and exclusive bottle design that reflects strength and beauty of brand identity. He has thought ...
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The Travel Set is composed of three identical perfumes’ extracts of 15ml. Like a model on a fas..

820 DKK

Depicts a lovely night-out with the company of loved ones smoking s..

1,350 DKK

This bottle of perfume is part of the project Nasomatto.The fragrance is an unwise and unfortunate..

900 DKK

Mysterious, warm & elegant. Since BLACK treasures the b..

1,310 DKK

In the depths of a r..

2,950 DKK

White clouds embrace you with incense that has been dusted with spices, warmed with amber and sweet ..

1,310 DKK

A woman with endless legs, wearing an evening dress and a refined h..

640 DKK

Black water with an indelible fragrance, it instils in you its precious properties to drive out evil..

1,310 DKK

Crime Passionnel
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