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Jovoy Paris

Remember Me
Eau de Parfum

Sweet spicy and milky

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 100ml
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“How many times have you let yourself be well and truly enticed by a fragrance wafting from a cafe terrace? Maybe you’ve found yourself captivated by the scent of some secret garden, one hidden from view that only betrays its location with it’s bouquet of floracy or perhaps you’ve been beguiled by an unforgettable perfume worn by a stranger in a crowd? How many times have you secretly wished to be that anonymous stranger who captivates others merely by the virtue of their perfume?” – Francois Henin

Like perfectly formed exotic dancers, fragnipani flowers engage themselves in an elaborate and spellbinding choreography and as their floral enchanment takes hold, a plume of traditional chai tea perfects their charm. Spices of ginger and cardamom set ablaze an irresistable cloud of milky gourmand notes.
A spell in the guise of a perfume that murmurs… “Remember Me”.


Notes: Frangipani, Cardamom, Vanilla, Ginger, Chai Tea, Ginger