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Extrait de Musique

Voix Humaine 8
Extrait de Parfum

Dry Incense with sweet Marshmallow

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 50ml
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It is a range that wants to imitate the solo singing of the human voice, with a strong call to the vibrato of the vocal cords. Synaesthetically it is possible to perceive sound and perfume coming almost from our mouth almost as if it were an extension of our voice.

Dry peppery incense, infused by cool, white floral milk, giving the sweet edge of a singed marshmallow. Musky ambrette seed and a mousseline accord lend the texture a cashmere softness that tempers the dark incense.


Top Notes: Bergamote, Elemi

Heart Notes: Jasmin, Ambrette

Base Notes: Moss, Amber, Vanilla