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Francesca Bianchi

Tyger Tyger
Extrait de Parfum

Narcotic flowers / sweet-fruity facets

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 30ml
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In a Post-Apocalyptic world, a survivor of a sophisticated and refined civilisation is wearing a shimmering, tailor-made dress walking through a smoky, obscure place. The contraposition between Beauty and Terror is expressed by The Tyger by W Blake: the animal is incredibly charming and seducing, yet dark, terrible and dramatic. The perfume is the result of this striking and sublime combination, creating a unique, mesmerizing atmosphere.

The perfume is built around an accord of narcotic white flowers with sweet-fruity facets, which includes also an absolute of Tuberose – like a prima donna, the protagonist of a dramatic piece, she’s the finest example of a refined civilization of a bygone world; in opposition to that, the base notes present different kind of woods, with some burnt and leathery qualities, referring to a post-apocalyptic scenario of destruction, mystery and darkness.


Notes: Narcotic Flowers, Honey, Peach Jam, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Oak Moss, Oud, Leather, Heliotrope