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Masque Milano

Ray – Flection
Eau de Parfum

Alien Flower

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 35ml
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Act IV scene two

Un fiore alieno, scaldato dalla luce che lui stesso irradiava, sciogliendosi diventava miele

A dream. A flower, with an incredibly intense smell. And huge, humongous. Not a normal flower, one that you can find on earth. This flower was emitting a surprisingly bright light. As the time passed by, and the light grew even more dazzling, the flower starts melting, dripping like honey from a rich and mellow honeycomb.
“For this new chapter of the collection, we decided to create an “alien flower”, a floral perfume that has never been smelled before.”
Mimosa basking in the sun and melting into honey.


Top Notes: Mandarin Essence, Sparkling Aldehydes, Cardamom pure Jungle Essence

Heart Notes: Mimosa Absolute France, Violette Leaves Absolute, Solar Rays Accord

Base Notes: Beeswax Absolute, Cedarwood Essence, Musk Accord