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Stephane Humbert Lucas

Crying of Evil
Eau de Parfum

A poetic alchemy tinged with Leather, Myrrh, purple tears and rare flowers

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 50ml
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Leather, a subversive lounge, scrolls and soft-coloured skins. We are at the heart of some kind of long desire and never- ending time, which attracts your risks and perils. A «violet- opera» wraps itself around your ankles, the rose pricks your senses and slowly intoxicates you.

The night cabaret looks like some kind of cage with half-open doors and purple fumes. Stay or leave. Stay a little longer, challenge the creature within us, take hold of it and talk to it, try a harp chord or a death grip.

Walk on this thread on the brink of letting go, at the northern border of the body, for the body and the troubled mind. Play with these colourful, beautiful, dark notes, like something from a horror story. A sandalwood chandelier flickers, the walls film undulating silhouettes, idle and astonishingly beautiful ectoplasms, flower power and precious tobacco, Indian patchouli.

We will have to leave this world and this world will mourn such passionate beauty.



Top Notes: Pink berries, Tuberose, Violet, Spices

Heart Notes: Sandalwood, Leather, Rose

Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber, Olibanum, Musks