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Jovoy Paris

Ambre Premier
Eau de Parfum

A sweet whisper brings to mind cotton candy

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 100ml
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“We love its almost childish first notes that evoke cotton candy. A fusional scent, it leaves a sensuous trail on the skin; just a sweet nothing to make it all better.” – Francois Henin

Beware of first impressions… A sweet whisper brings to mind cotton candy – simple innocence, and yet Ambre Premier hides its real intentions and lives up to its name. Grandiose and out to conquer, it tattoos skin with a voluptuous and indelible mark that leaves nothing to chance and even less to weakness. Night time is its preferred domain, passionate nights that are profound and sensual, where the heat of its lingering wake collides with the first light of dawn, as if to better defy the day.


Top Notes: Fresh and Spicy , Candied Orange

Heart Notes: Floral Rose

Base Notes: Dominant Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla