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Eau de Parfum

2022 Generation

Cambodian Oud and fruity Blackcurrant

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 50ml
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After a visit to Qatar, Stephane Humbert Lucas was impressed of how its capital was changing so fast. Art complexes and skyscrapers built by the world’s finest architect.
Yet, despite the international appearance of its development, the place was determined to keep its strong heritage.
SHL imagined in 2012 a fragrance where, 10 years later, the ancestral customs would join the modern world.
A whole generation is getting ready and excited. It rises to a bridge where the young people’ s perception and belief bind together.
2022, vibrant and intense perfume.
The modern fruity note of Black Currant and the freshness of Yuzu contrast with the strength of traditional Cambodian Oud.
Sublimated with spices and balsamic notes, this fragrance represents Audacity, Power and Modernity.


Top Notes: Yuzu zest, Blackcurrant, Mint

Heart Notes: Cambodian Oud

Base Notes: Precious Oud, Spices, Balsamic notes