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Nuit de Bakélite

 Nuit de Bakélite
Nuit de Bakélite

Naomi Goodsir’s Nuit de Bakélite is a portrait of the most tempestuous and challenging nocturnal flower: the tuberose.

Perfumer Isabelle Doyen, has decided to allow tuberose to express its most sensual, daring, and odd facets. Green, obsessive, and addictive, Nuit de Bakélite opens on a field of luridly green, fresh and bitter notes – the anisic sting of artemisia and angelica adding a cool wetness that frames the hot, buttery tuberose to perfection.

NotesTuberose, Angelica, Artemisia, Ylang-Ylang, Karo-Karounde, Carrot Seeds, Cardamom, Leather, Styrax, Green Notes, Iris
Eau de Parfum
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