• Lavs

    by  Unum

    White clouds embrace you with incense that has been dusted with spices, warmed with amber and sweet myrrh, and then deepened with aromatic pine, elemi, and dark resins. Drydown reveals ambered incense laced with a creaminess, soft woods, and hints of nutty sweet myrrh. 
    Sacred, mysterious, powerful, and contemplative, LAVS fills you with a serenity that made it the choice for two Popes to scent their holy vestments.

    Top Notes
    Black Pepper, Cardamom, Jasmin
    Heart Notes
    Cloves, Labdanum, Coriander, Elemi
    Base Notes
    Tonka Bean, Amber, Oak, Musk, Rosewood, Opoponax

    Extrait de Parfum
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