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Ray - Flection

Ray - Flection
Ray - Flection

Act IV scene two 

Un fiore alieno, scaldato dalla luce che lui stesso irradiava, sciogliendosi diventava miele

A dream. A flower, with an incredibly intense smell. And huge, humongous. Not a normal flower, one that you can find on earth. This flower was emitting a surprisingly bright light. As the time passed by, and the light grew even more dazzling, the flower starts melting, dripping like honey from a rich and mellow honeycomb.
“For this new chapter of the collection, we decided to create an “alien flower”, a floral perfume that has never been smelled before.”

Mimosa basking in the sun and melting into honey.

Top NotesMandarin Essence, Sparkling Aldehydes, Cardamom pure Jungle Essence
Heart NotesMimosa Absolute France, Violette Leaves Absolute, Solar Rays Accord
Base NotesBeeswax Absolute, Cedarwood Essence, Musk Accord
Eau de Parfum
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