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Radikal Water Lily

Radikal Water Lily
Radikal Water Lily

My irresistible, addictive fatal

Rebirth, an undeniable attraction the Water Lily is. It’s alchemical effects, beautifully sharpened when adding our unique blend of Occidental petals of Jasmine. With the raw strength of Freesia Rose, elevation and potent awakenings. Sandal wood and Lemon zest mirror beautiful, innocent naivety achieving a complete story. All the brave extracts worthy the name.

With every order comes a gift. A secret key to unlock the inner sanctum of LM Radikal. Download the music, the poetry, the films and get passionate about the full creative vision. To inspire, the unique alchemical collaboration between master perfume maker Laurent Mazzone and artist Mattias Lindblom.
The beating heart of LM Radikal - To ignite the full power of flowers.

Top NotesLemon Zest, Blackcurrant, Pink Freesia
Heart NotesPeony, Cyclamen, Petals of jasmine
Base NotesCrisp Amber, Indian Sandalwood
Extrait de Parfum
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