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Jovoy Paris

Jus Interdit
Extrait de Parfum

Woody fragrance with great and warm Amber base

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 50ml
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Welcome to the lobby of a luxury hotel. This could be in Paris, Dubai, London or New York, it doesn’t matter. Do not be distracted by the ice blue eyes of a sumptuous Slavic woman crossing the burning ones of an exuberant Latina. Do not be overwhelmed by the unique opulence of fragrances worn by middle-eastern ladies. Forget the smell of traditional Oriental Bakkhours of the princes who accompany them.
Close your eyes for a while. First, there’s a bottom note. A perfumer’s amber, warm, suave, and slightly sweet. Not an animal one. It’s a vanilla base, with roses and musk burning from afar. Then, our characters begin their dance: Our Slavic beauty’s lipstick mixes with the Latina’s patchouli. Pure oud oil coming from the oriental beauties’ wrists merges with the amber wood from fumigations of Princes close by. It’s magical!
Give me a camera and I will give you the fragrance. But that’s not how things work… All these combinations could create a chaos of fragrances. And yet this great Mukhallat is unique.


Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Solar Flower

Heart Notes: Patchouli, Cypriol, Hyraceum

Base Notes: Oud Wood, Virginia Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Iris, Thai Benzoin, Black Amber Wood