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Delire de Voyage

Extrait de Parfum

Piece of art

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  • 2ml(Sample)
  • 100ml
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Fragrance dedicated to this phenomenon and in particular to Bolognola, a small town of 138 inhabitants, the highest in the Marche Region, located at the center of the Monti Sibillini National Park, seriously affected by the earthquake.

Fear and suffocation from dust is the first step, escape the second, leaving everything: objects, memories, essential goods, desperately trying to find refuge outside.
The sight is blurred, eyes and throat irritated by the dust caused by the collapses; we try to find in the desperation a small and faint light, which will become the only reference point.


Top Notes: Cedarwood, Bergamot Accord, Cedarwood Virginia

Heart Notes: Maté, Ambretta Seeds, Calamus

Base Notes: Vetiver, Benzoin, Fir Balm, Guaiaco Wood, Cumin, Amber, Angelica Roots