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Patchouli - Oud

Patchouli - Oud
Patchouli - Oud
Patchouli - Oud
Patchouli - Oud
Patchouli - Oud

Nestled at the heart of Indonesia and considered unaffordable in today’s perfumery, Natural AGARWOOD is a veritable treasure in the world of art perfumery. AFFINESSENCE has chosen to combine this with a magnificent Essence of PATCHOULI, enabling new facets of its famed scent to burst forth.
Enhanced by a dazzling myriad of Natural Ingredients (Vetiver from Java, Cistus and Labdanum, Elemi and Incense, Gaiac Wood and Tree Moss), this duo explodes on the senses, while the revisited Patchouli develops a luxurious trailing scent

NotesPatchouli, Agarwood, Vetiver, Cistus, Labdanum, Elemi, Incense, Gaiac Wood, Moss
Eau de Parfum
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