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China White

China White
China White

This is an invitation to a journey to discover the strength of fragility.

To take this flight one needs to restore a sentimental state of mind, recover the feeling of nostalgia and awaken the deepest fantasies.

Just like with porcelain, this story should be painted before it will glaze. It will remain unchanged until the end, until it’s broken.

China White awakens the feeling of almighty and the fragility through olfaction. Precious white flowers meet hard woods and spices.

Now we know that the strongest are also the weakest.

Motivated by everything that is fragile, the packaging is a message on its own and an invitation to try. The cap of a China White bottle is made out of crackle glaze ceramic. As with all other Nasomatto fragrances – the whole packaging is made in Italy.

Extrait de Parfum
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