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Leon Louis

Leon Louis
Leon Louis

LEON LOUIS explores the merits of conventionalism versus great innovators. The silhouette alludes to intimidation cloaked garments, wrapping the individualistic bearers, in artisanal fabrics. All pieces have been subjected to artisanal craftsmanship, workmanlike tailoring, which is reflected by the sheer feel of lush simplicity.
Significantly so, the LEON LOUIS traveller values personal expression and the opulent patina of travelling garments throughout our lives. Without compromising on wearability, the brand allows for individual interaction with quality fabrics. Such selected fabrics will be subjected to altered compositions, allowing them to become one with their righteous bearers, illusively through elegant movements and the ever so prone test of immortal times.

Brand: Leon Louis
T.A.S. x LEON LOUIS - Perfume_ #00000 (Black) The fragrance is drawn from the color black, made with scent derived from Black Rose and Green Tea. The bottle is inspired from both label’s creative DNA resulting in a hand made evocative textured surface. The metal box has a burnt finish to achieve a..
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