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L'air Des Alpes Suisses

L'air Des Alpes Suisses
L'air Des Alpes Suisses

WHEN I find time, I love to hike in the mountains. Starting in the valley, with its lush green meadows, the dark fir forests with the perfume of warm amber. L’AIR DES ALPES SUISSES is inspired by these moments, green, fresh and ambery. It is a perfume that evokes my memories of wonderful days in the Alps.
The higher you hike, the more you wander to open space, with wild flowers blooming in a short mountain summer. The herbaceous, spicy perfume of the alpine grassland , with hints of lily and orchids, mixes with the fresh breeze from the rough mountain summits.
L’AIR DES ALPES SUISSES is an invitation to explore this wonderful scenery.

L'air Des Alpes Suisses is not only hand filled and labelled in Switzerland, but also inspired by the beauty of the Swiss mountains.

NotesLemon, Lavender, Nutmeg, Rosewood, Basil, Thyme, Orchid, Lily, Dried Needles, Bitch, Fir, Tonka, Ambergris.
Eau de Parfum
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