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L'Art de la Guerre

L'Art de la Guerre
L'Art de la Guerre

The end justifies the means. For women and men, the spirit of conquest sometimes leads us down unexpected paths. To win the most worthy of all battles – the game of seduction –, there need to be strategies, sharp tactics and the determined desire, always, to triumph. On a playing field that only men used to enjoy, L'Art de la Guerre shakes up the rules, mixing the nostalgic freshness of fern with the spicy and smoky notes of eternity.

All is fair in love and war...
...but some weapons are more dangerous than others... 

Top NotesCalabrian Bergamot, Apple, Rhubarb
Heart NotesLavender, Everlasting Flower, Violet Leaves, Nutmeg
Base NotesPatchouli, Sandalwood, Leather, Oak Moss, Cistus
Eau de Parfum
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