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Ode to the forest and the meadow, Infinie Definitive invites you to capture the infinite time. The extrait de parfum goes beyond the scent, it is an olfactory invitation that pushes the interaction with nature through a texture game...
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Brand: Jeroboam
For François Hénin, vanilla has always been the absolute weapon of seductive souls. Vanilla is recognized in the world as an irresistible enticement to be devoured...
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Brand: Unum
With a fragrance like this you really need to know the source of inspiration or all you smell will be just a perfume that doesn't talk to you.“In 1961 Mario Giacomelli met a group of young students at the Episcopal Seminary at Senigallia. With the agreement of the church..
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Iris Cendré is a play of light and dark, crisp cleanness and dar earthiness. Spring and fall, and so much more.Wet walls, humid ashes, a gentle smoke following tangerine and green, spicy top notes. ..
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‘Iron Duke’ is a tribute to Arthur Wellesley, Duke Of Wellington (1769 – 1852). Here, perfumer Julie Dunkley has created a strikingly powerful fragrance with animalic depths – an apparition of the celebrated horseman, warrior politician and sartorial pioneer.The images that support this release ..
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 The radiance of citron, showcased by a citrus accord. The delicate freshness of neroli contrasts with the bracing aromas of tarragon and coriander. Oak moss, amber and musk anchor the notes in a sensuous sillage. ..
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Brand: Jovoy
It's a woody fragrance with great and warm amber base, and some hint of oud.So imagine the situation. We are sitting at the lobby of a beautiful five-star hotel, it could be anywhere, and your nose is experiencing something quite unique. And you see a gorgeous Russian blonde girl is passing by w..
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Brand: Nishane
Shadow Play collection, inspired by shadow puppetry. The collection's three fragrances - Hacivat, Karagoz and Zenne - are also lead characters in traditional Turkish shadow plays, an art form popularized during the Ottoman period. The plays focus on the intera..
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Brand: LM Parfums
 The dancing flame of the altar candle and the free curl of the burning incense hypnotise you and plunge you into a state of trance and ecstasy. KINGDOM OF DREAMS is a true addiction transporting you to a universe of daydreams and fantasies. Surrender and let yourself be carried to ..
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Act II scene IVBe strong. Mend broken bonds with Gold.Spring has finally arrived. The fresh air conveys energy and arouses mankind from winter lethargy. Under the magnolia tree, the potter is repairing a broken vase, using an ancient technique. Kintsukuroi – golden repair. The gard..
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WHEN I find time, I love to hike in the mountains. Starting in the valley, with its lush green meadows, the dark fir forests with the perfume of warm amber. L’AIR DES ALPES SUISSES is inspired by these moments, green, fresh and ambery. It is a perfume that evokes my memories of wonderful days in the..
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Brand: Jovoy
The Tree of Enlightenment. The Buddha found enlightenment by meditating under the Bodhi Tree, the ancient sacred fig tree of India...
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Brand: Jovoy
The end justifies the means. For women and men, the spirit of conquest sometimes leads us down unexpected paths. To win the most worthy of all battles – the game of seduction –, there need to be strategies, sharp tactics and the determined desire, always, to triumph. On a playing field that only men..
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Act III scene oneAll is set for the rendezvous.The soft lights seem to fondle the wrinkled sound of the old vinyl disc, and play hide-and-seek in the warm embrace of the jazz singer’s voice. The wide french-window is opened on the terrace. Outside, only the cicadas shrill drowning and the wa..
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L'oudh is a fragrance that builds around a natural oudh essential oil from Laos. There is no olfactory pyramid as the fragrance is not composed around head, heart and body notes. L'oudh accord, with natural oudh and cypriol , to name two ingredients, is central to the fragrance. All other notes and ..
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Brand: Jovoy
Liturgy of the Hours evokes the image of an old monastery where the scent of burning incense fills the air just like the chanting of daily prayers...
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In myths and dreams, I am compared to a gem, to golden amber, rain or sunlight. I am the rare pearl which escapes from the corner of the eye, a drop of crystal which lands on your cheek..
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Brand: Unum
White clouds embrace you with incense that has been dusted with spices, warmed with amber and sweet myrrh, and then deepened with aromatic pine, elemi, and dark resins. Drydown reveals ambered incense laced with a creaminess, soft woods, and hints of nutty sweet myrrh. Sacred, mysterio..
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Three pure and limpid voices echo each other in this song for a dawning day. Ambrette rings with a crystal-clear note of eau-de-vie. A powdery Florentine iris blends its diaphanous aria with the fiery tones of Turkish rose, turning Le Cri into a radiant harmony.Both an ethereal halo and an exhil..
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Its composition is complex and its pillars are throughout its long lasting development the natural extracts and rich resins. A fresh citrus blast shines with bergamot, lemon and sweet orange oil. This cologne curtain rises and a mouth-watering peach accord enters the stage. It is accompanied by a na..
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