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Brand: LM Parfums
Inside the dark forest, endless and dim. Light the trail with fire, to find your way within. Unleash the scents of discovery because nothing glows warmer in darkness than answered prayers. Release the ancient powers all around you. Stand in the eye of Indonesian mystery, discover the irresistible sc..
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Brand: LM Parfums
The Travel Set BLACK OUD is composed of three identical perfumes’ extracts of 15ml.To immerse into the heart of a forest tinged with black and white, dive in the most darkness to deliver this scent of Oud. It is such my wish to take you in the Indonesian depth. The subtlety of the scent of&..
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Brand: Nasomatto
THIS BOTTLE OF PERFUME IS PART OF THE PROJECT NASOMATTO. THE FRAGRANCE IS AN UNWISE AND UNFORTUNATE CREATION CAUSED BY BAD JUDGEMENT AND CARE.The expectations we have are usually unmet and we are often disappointed.Blamage is about the failure and the acknowledgement of it. It is about the r..
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As part of the Eau Sanguine trilogy, Bloody Wood is inspired by wine and the wine making process.Wine, a gift from the gods, is fragrance that extols intellectual and sensual passions. Bloody Wood is a love and silent duel that releases its truth in his «juice», associating white and r..
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Brand: Orto Parisi
 A fragrance that is covered with dark chocolate, that steals the kiss and leaves a spicy aftertaste on the lips.Boccanera strikes a confusing balance between scent and flavor,between love and fear.BOCCANERA MEANS ‘DARK MOUTH’ IN ITALIAN...
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Brand: Jeroboam
Boha is constructed around a white flowers bouquet that evoke purity. An almost intimidating purity, like a gaze that runs through you with intensity. In his heart, gardenia mixes with jasmine and orange blossom and together burst into a compelling monotonous chant.The perfume subtle, delicate a..
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Meditative twist of incense intestified by smoked wood. Brings to mind old secluded church back in the 1920's or the campfire in the back yard. If you have ever enjoyed a fine Islay Scotch whiskey, such as Laphroaig, you are on the right track...
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Brand: LM Parfums
Indulge in a pleasurable tribute to Pierre Hermé’s Macaroons. Delight your tastebuds with shameless moments. Never apologise for addiction of the highest sophistication. The candle releases the memory infused scents of soft caramel, the luxurious crispiness of the biscuit. The positive mood it ignit..
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Brand: Orto Parisi
 Everybody gets a chance to burn and leave Rome.Every life is a matter of a single moment, the moment when one realizes who he really is.Brutus wasn’t a conversationalist, he was precise, sharp, direct and he didn’t change.This fragrance is determined and reverent a..
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Brand: Unum
But Not Today – Extrait de Parfum inspired by Hannibal movie, shot mostly in Florence. Full of metallic, bloody accords – 47 blood notes and 15 of white lily have been used until reaching the final effect. It is synesthetically focused on the moment in which Hannibal Lec..
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As part of the Eaux de L'est trilogy, Buveur De Vent is one of three tributes to the East and it's imaginary legends...Born from the saddle leather of a wild creature Trailing its powerful fragrance as it passes Stallion of light with fabulous strength Created by a god from long ago..
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Brand: LM Parfums
On a white sand beach of a Mediterranean island, black suits and suits of Madison Avenue are more rigorously. Remains only freshness and elegance lightness of a white shirt in the summer.The purity of a fleeting dream of balmy Fragrance floral aldehyde. White shirt opens up a fresh fruity agreem..
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Brand: Nasomatto
This is an invitation to a journey to discover the strength of fragility.To take this flight one needs to restore a sentimental state of mind, recover the feeling of nostalgia and awaken the deepest fantasies.Just like with porcelain, this story should be painted before it will glaze. I..
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Brand: LM Parfums
To inspire intimacy, you must have memories,To have memories, you need to have lived,If you have lived, you will never forget.Welcome to the world of shadows, where the positive and the negative are not defined, where they are interlinked for if there is no negative there can be no p..
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“Hunters for gold or pursuers of fame, they all had gone out on that stream... messengers of the might within the land, bearers of a spark from the sacred fire” Joseph ConradThe fragrance owes it’s inspiration to a passage at the start of Joseph Conrad’s novel ‘The Heart Of Darkness’. Here..
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Brand: Nishane
A tribute to the Turkish tradition of offering lemon cologne in splash bottles to the guests as an inherent way of showing hospitality. Nishane, as a perfume house famous with its extraits, dreamt of modernising this tradition with a new concept called “Extrait de Cologne” that has an essence concen..
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Most powerful organ stop with the measures of 6, 8 or 32 feet. The bombarde needs a significant air pressure  to produce powerful sound that gives you shivers. Sharp resins, elemi, juniper captures the scent of dusky cathedral walls. Musky, spicy cedarwood creates almost animalistic sc..
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 A verdant burst built around lentiscus, an evergreen shrub typical of Corsica. Wood, moss, earth, hay, honey, resin... Green from top to bottom and in every shade, its sillage carries the smells of the mountain maquis. Energizing and impetuous...
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A first in perfumery and originating from Kerala, TURMERIC has been used for the first time in a perfume by AFFINESSENCE. A milky note enhances the precious turmeric root, causing an explosion of the delicious spicy aromas of « Turmeric Latte », a beverage that has been drunk for thousands..
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Cuir - Curcuma 15ml
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A first in perfumery and originating from Kerala, TURMERIC has been used for the first time in a perfume by AFFINESSENCE. A milky note enhances the precious turmeric root, causing an explosion of the delicious spicy aromas of « Turmeric Latte », a beverage that has been drunk for thousands..
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