Naomi Goodsir’s Nuit de Bakélite is a portrait of the most tempestuous and challenging nocturnal flo..

955 DKK

Inspired by the birth of Gothic architecture. Bright and sparkling opening of citruses. Shalimar at..

1,310 DKK

Fresh bright and joyful opening of Peony and Lemon. Sophistic..

1,310 DKK

This petal-rich floral tells three love stories in three vo..

970 DKK

This bottle of perfume is part of the project Nasomatto.The fragrance aims to evoke degrees of hyste..

900 DKK

I remember the perfume of her skin, so pure, under the ..

1,200 DKK

Will be a synonym of oxymoron in your olfactive journey. A romantic..

1,200 DKK

A tribute to the perfumers’ ambers. So powerful that nothin..

350 DKK

A tribute to the perfumers’ ambers. So powerful that nothing can resist it, leaving a sensual and ca..

600 DKK

The opulence of the atlas cedar adorned with mystery. A bold ..

1,200 DKK

We love its almost childish first notes that evoke cotton candy. An ..

640 DKK

In this intense elixir, the opulence of the Russian Empire ..

970 DKK

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