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Naomi Goodsir’s Nuit de Bakélite is a portrait of the most tempestuous and challenging nocturnal flower: the tuberose.Perfumer Isabelle Doyen, has decided to allow tuberose to express its most sensual, daring, and odd facets. Green, obsessive, and addictive, Nuit de Bakélite opens on a field of ..
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Brand: Unum
Inspired by the birth of Gothic architecture. Bright and sparkling opening of citruses. Shalimar attraction expressed through rich vanilla and intoxicating Jasmin laced with powdery Iris. Base reveals dark resins, smoky leather, incense, spicy sandalwood and sexy ambergris. ..
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Brand: Unum
Fresh bright and joyful opening of Peony and Lemon. Sophisticated Vetiver note both earthy and slightly sweet laced with soft Cashmeran and creamy Sandalwood...
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Brand: Leon Louis
T.A.S. x LEON LOUIS - Perfume_ #00000 (Black) The fragrance is drawn from the color black, made with scent derived from Black Rose and Green Tea. The bottle is inspired from both label’s creative DNA resulting in a hand made evocative textured surface. The metal box has a burnt finish to achieve a..
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Act II Scene ThreeHis eyes were the same color as the sea and they were cheerful and undefeated. (E.Hemingway)Sheer, bright vetiver. Caribbean Vibe.Interpreted by FANNY BAL..
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“England expects that every man will do his duty” Lord NelsonInspired by the Battle of Trafalgar (21st October 1805) - a pivotal event which secured Britain’s reputation as a formidable sea power in the early 19th Century, but also saw the loss of one of Her greatest heroes.Pieces of t..
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 This petal-rich floral tells three love stories in three voices, through three flowers... Rose for passion. Jasmine for romance. Tuberose for forbidden pleasures. A sap-green tear of galbanum and a crisp mint leaf for excitement. ..
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Brand: Nasomatto
THIS BOTTLE OF PERFUME IS PART OF THE PROJECT NASOMATTO. THE FRAGRANCE AIMS TO EVOKE DEGREES OF HYSTERIA. IT IS THE RESULT OF A QUEST TO STIMULATE IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR.Absinth is the most luxurious type of madness.Writer’s forbidden delight. An escapism through giggles straight into the ..
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With Aqua di Scandola, Marc - Antoine Corticchiato set himself a challenge: to offer a different expression of the sea in perfumery. Iodic, aromatic and mineral. Purely Mediterranean. Exclusively Corsican.Ascent-scape as surprising as the place that inspired it: the peninsula of Scandola, i..
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Brand: Puredistance
COOL, SOFTLY SENSUAL & REFINEDAENOTUS is a perfume that, despite its high percentage of perfume oil, is not loud – and after an intense and fresh opening – transforms into a delicate scent, very close to the skin. Only those dear and near will be close enough to enjoy its subtle and intrigui..
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Brand: Nishane
AFRIKA-OLIFANT stimulates hidden desires... The fragrance opens with frankincense and myrrh. As animalic notes castoreum and civet settle down, leather and oud dominate the battlefield. Timid and audacious at the same time.....
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Brand: LM Parfums
I remember the perfume of her skin, so pure, under the influence of his claws. I only retained his Aldhèyx flavor, as this endless sleepless night. His addiction was then eternal...
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Brand: Tauerville
This wonderful combination of labdanum and vanilla, is brought to perfection. Paired with benzoin, sandalwood, a good of rose, hints of patchouli.  Amber Flash is just gorgeous...
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Brand: Jeroboam
Taking on an olfactory family this well-known is no mean feat. It’s a testament to Vanina’s originality and creativity that this Ambra is very “Jeroboam”, in other words modern, daring and sensual...
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Brand: Nishane
 Will be a synonym of oxymoron in your olfactive journey. A romantic mixture of bergamot and green notes along with sweet amber and vanilla... This is an intriguing and inviting fragrance both for special occasions and daily usage. ..
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Brand: LM Parfums
The opulence of the atlas cedar adorned with mystery. A bold violet, a charmer vetyver rise up its natural elegance. White honey, lascivious vanilla, highlights its facets flesh and velvety. Then Amber reveals its heart of a sensuous mosaic cryptic, balsamic radiates the charms of the Orient.....
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Brand: Jovoy
We love its almost childish first notes that evoke cotton candy. An intense scent, it leaves a sensuous trail on the skin; just a sweet nothing to make it all better...
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 In this intense elixir, the opulence of the Russian Empire is conjured by the golden warmth of ambergris, intensified by vibrant spices, the smoky aroma of Russian tea and the spirituality of incense. ..
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Brand: Nishane
ANI is a romantic and calm perfume created under the inspiration of a famous Anatolian folk song called “Sarı Gelin” (in Turkish) or “Sari Gyalin” in Armenian. As the similarity of the name of the song in both languages suggests that both nations share a very similar culture as far as art, food or o..
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Brand: Puredistance
HIGHLY ORIGINAL GREEN FLORALCreated by Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian in New York, Puredistance ANTONIA is a highly original green floral with a great lushness and warmth of heart, but at the same time pillowy and gentle as can be. Key in the creation of ANTONIA is the image of a strong, positi..
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