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Fire At Will

Fire At Will
Fire At Will

Vanilla and Mimosa, intensity and subtlety, seduction and enchantment, a duo set to perfume by the independent perfumer Vanina Muracciole, who delivers the promise of enticing encounters and a return to more lightness.

In the beginning there’s vanilla, of course, but it’s an unexpected vanilla — subtle, ethereal, as if suspended, with a unique note of honeyed, powdery mimosa. Next comes a vanilla that’s gourmand but not heady, fruity but not baked, poised between a “real” vanilla ice cream and sweet promises that echo like languorous kisses.

An unambiguous fragrance trail, conceived like a beckon, arousing the appetite, and casting a spotlight on whoever wears it. Whether your personality is discreet or, to the contrary, completely intense, FIRE AT WILL is made for those who wish never to go unnoticed again.

Top NotesMimosa Absolute France, Vanille Absolute
Heart NotesVanilla Sugar, Brown Sugar
Base NotesBouquet of White Musks, Amber, Vetiver
Eau de Parfum
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