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Desert Suave

Desert Suave
Desert Suave

As part of the Eau Imaginaire trilogy, Desert Suave represents an imaginary place.

Delight. Desert suave is a warm breath. Essences of oasis stir the mind. A gentle mirage of the senses.

It is fertile land in the midst of the desert, with precious water fostering luxuriant vegetation. It is an invitation to stop, relax and delight inpleasures of the five senses. This perfume is reminiscentof palm fruit – dates and baskets brimming with the spices and flavors of traveling pilgrims and caravans.As they pass by, they leave behind delicious perfume mingling with the hot wind.

Top NotesIndian Cardamom, Italian Mandarin, Clove Extra Pure
Heart NotesOrange Blossom from North Africa, Rose, Date
Base NotesSpanish Cistus, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Moroccan Atlas Cedar
Eau de Parfum
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