As a result of numerous trips taken by the founders and creators, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, to Asia and Middle East, they have created five new Colognes Absolue, all of which are a part of Atelier Cologne's new Collection Orient. Inspired by the region’s natural beauty, people and customs, and particularly the most precious raw materials, the refinement of these carefully selected raw materials illustrate treasured emotions and powerful memories.

The Collection Orient follows after last year's collection AZUR, which encompasses four fragrances, and the recently launched fragrance Bergamote Soleil.

Atelier Cologne’s iconic flacon has been reinvented for Collection Orient. The glass is colored white reflecting modernity and purity. The golden caps pay tribute to the preciousness of the ingredients carefully selected to create each Cologne Absolue.

Encens Jinhae was created of precious cherry blossom petals carried like snowflakes by the wind. They are combined with sophisticated spicy notes of pink pepper and nutmeg, and deepened with incense, patchouli, sandalwood and elemi. The brightness originates from Sicilian lemon and the floral warmth from Turkish rose. 

"The wind was blowing. The graceful petals of the cherry blossoms were dancing like snow flakes. Suddenly, she got closer to him and dove into jet black eyes. He thought that his spell started to take hold. Her beauty was unique. Despite feeling guilty, he kissed her."

For the composition of Mimosa Indigo- indigo mimosa from India was selected as the key ingredient, enveloped by a sensual chord of white leather, providing a luxurious and sophisticated character. Citruses and saffron develop a fine fresh veil, while sandalwood, vanilla and musk provide for a soft and creamy base. 

“It was three in the morning. She was in a taxi heading home. Still in her purple dress looking intensely beautiful. Passing in front of a jazz club, she could hear the music playing inside. She asked the driver to stop and pushed the door open. She slowly walked to the musician sitting in the dark and told him: « this is MY music ».”

The focus of the fragrance Philtre Ceylan lies on aromatic notes of black and green tea, balanced with cold and powdery shades of iris. Spices and icy scents of mint and bergamot contribute to lightness and freshness, whereas guaiac wood and papyrus provide strength and a characteristic smoky trail.  

“Day after day, he worked to perfect the love potion to seduce this untouchable woman. He asked her to meet him early in the morning in the park where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. The perfect moment to kiss her would be apparent. Later, he understood that she never drank the filter he prepared. Instead, it was destiny that brought them together.”

Poivre Electrique is built around chords of pepper – black bitter pepper and flirtatious, vibrant pink pepper, followed by an oriental union of resins, precious wood, incense and Turkish rose. Vibrant pepper is framed with bitter and optimistic zests of bitter orange. 

“The plan was to sail East. The waves were calling them... Adventure was what they were after. Discovering who they are was their shared goal. When they arrived, their dream became a reality. The atmosphere was so electric. They could not resist walking towards the far off lights.” 

Tobacco blossom is the key ingredient of Tobacco Nuit which is enriched with spices, resins and woody notes. Clementine, coriander and cumin announce a rich and intense chord of tobacco blossom warmed with labdanum and tonka. Olibanum was set as an elegant cold veil, while depth, strength and earthy tone are created by cedar and patchouli.