First announcement of the next Mendittorosa Odori d'Anima trip... SOUTH 2.0. Stefania's rebirth. New scent. New emotions.

I feel reborn. As we all should do.

Restarting from a South. From myself. Reaching South 2.0.
It is never too late. It is always the right time.
The time is NOW.
I often looked forward only to come back.
To feel Vesuvio's shadows on me.
Reborn. Spreading again my large wings.
South 2.0.
Where it all ends. And where it all begins.
With more live scars. With more growing flowers.
Pure Emotions. Still. But one level further.
More freedom.
I keep memories of every falling.
I know you do the same.
I know you have your South 2.0 too.
Smelling this new creation is like sharing my restarting point.
Yes, there is still North.
I am looking at it - but with my new power.
My South 2.0 / Stefania Squeglia