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Beaute Du Diable

Beaute Du Diable
Beaute Du Diable

For the first opus, Beaute du Diable, Philippe Di Meo has invited the model, muse, photographer and DJ, Cate Underwood. 

Would you be willing to sell your soul to the Devil to possess his perfume? This essence is part of his powers, of his eternal seduction. Its fascinating composition reveals to us scented vapours with many facets, somewhere between beauty and peculiarity. Indomitable and elusive. The prize is the perfume of one with taste, yet the chaos of strange notes upsets this perfection, a mixture of reassuring timelessness and a fear of the unknown. Its unsettling uniqueness makes this fragrance a liqueur whose secret you want to steal. More than a perfume, it is a myth, a lure. On the previous vial, the following appears in the master’s hand: “Grant favours to the one who possesses you”

Top NotesItalian Lemon, Coriander, Bitter Orange, Gin Accord, Absinthe Accord
Heart NotesClove, Cypress, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Carnation
Base NotesHaiti Vetiver, Gaiac Wood, Cistus Espagne, Cobbestone Accord
Eau de Parfum
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