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Arsenic Osman Travel Set

Arsenic Osman Travel Set
Arsenic Osman Travel Set

The Travel Set ARSENIC OSMAN is composed of three identical perfumes’ extracts of 15ml.

Arsenic Osman is a wonderful tribute to the mysterious and powerful Osmanthus flower. The mesmerizing perfume conjures that very instance of pleasure experienced when we fill the unbearable void of an addiction. Darkness becomes light; silence bursts and a unique feeling of euphoria captures your mind and body like an ultimate shot of happiness. This gently addictive poison will plunge you into depths of radiant fragrances adorned with delicate scents of vanilla and plum.

Top NotesPlum, Cinnamon Sri-Lanka
Heart NotesViolet France, Jasmine India, Osmanthus China
Base NotesPatchouli Indonesia, White Leather, Vanilla Madagascar
Extrait de Parfum
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