Tauer Perfumes

Tauer Perfumes

'Tauer perfumes is a dream come true. My vision was, and still is, to create perfumes that are beyond the ordinary. I want to create perfumes the way our ancestors did: With love for scents, selecting the best fragrances there are, with creativity and guided by pure joy. Ultimately, I create perfumes for the joy of scents. Behind every perfume is a picture that leads and guides me. Behind every fragrant picture is the wish to form a unique pleasure.' - Andy Tauer

Welcome to my fragrant world, welcome to a lonesome rider, welcome to my world of perfume making. I never studied the art of perfume making in a school. I do not compromise when I deal with perfumes.  

I am purely self taught, started my venture more than 10 years ago in Switzerland and sell my fragrances worldwide. I am 100% independent and follow my taste and instinct. I consider perfumery as an artisan craft, and I want to stay connected to what I am creating. I am writing my own perfumery blog, where I talk about the craft of perfumery and the daily ups and downs of running an artistic perfumery house.

The Tauer attar speaks in Arabian language; it is undiluted perfume oil and needs the skin's warmth ..

590.00 DKK

AU COEUR DU DÉSERT™ is the metamorphose of L’air du désert marocain into a luxurious extrait de parf..

1,250.00 DKK

L'oudh is a fragrance that builds around a natural oudh essential oil from Laos. There is no olfacto..

1,870.00 DKK

L’eau is inspired by a lemontree in bloom on Andy Tauer’s veranda in crisp Zurich morning air. ..

940.00 DKK

A twirling dance, notes revolving joyfully around vetiver. Exploring the dark, raw and almost damp e..

900.00 DKK

UNE ROSE VERMEILLE is a gourmand rose, exquisite, and rare.It combines a generous amount of luxuriou..

1,120.00 DKK

When l'Air du Désert Marocain was created, Andy Tauer had a picture in mind, a hotel bed in Marrakes..

900.00 DKK

It’s the scent of a lonesomerider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the hor..

900.00 DKK

This fragrance is built around a natural CO2 extract of Boswellia serrata, aka incense. This natural..

940.00 DKK

Vibrant, rich, mysterious. Incense rosé is an elegant oriental fragrance, imagine a flying oriental ..

940.00 DKK

A fresh take on citrus. Discover a rich citrus fragrance with a clean orange flower in its heart, an..

940.00 DKK

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