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As part of the Les Eaux Arborantes trilogy, Tellus is a sacred tribute to trees, to the wild, to both plant and animal life...

Nose in the soil, buried in the undergrowth, stirring smells of roots and fungus. Damp soil scented with wilted flowers, burrowing animals and changing seasons. Planted deep within Mother Earth, the tree draws its strength
from the nutrient-providing decaying matter of humus.

Its spirt: a deep spirit, with strong, solid roots, the telluric force without which nothing grows.

An energetic perfume. 

Top Notes Earth Accord, Indonesian Patchouli, Cashmeran
Heart Notes Lilly, Costus, Mosses
Base NotesAmbroxan, Fir Balsam Resinoid, Cistus
Eau de Parfum
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