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Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino il Volto

Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino il Volto
Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino il Volto

With a fragrance like this you really need to know the source of inspiration or all you smell will be just a perfume that doesn't talk to you.

“In 1961 Mario Giacomelli met a group of young students at the Episcopal Seminary at Senigallia. With the agreement of the church administration he began to photograph them in moments of relaxation after their long hours of study and prayer in preparation for ecclesiastical life. He pictured priests playing with a ball, jumping about, or as they moved on the snow wearing large cloaks; lastly he photographed them from the roof of the Seminary as they danced in a ring. During one of his Sunday visits to the young priests he took them some cigars and photographed them smoking; and so, after once being accused of photographing old people at an old people’s home to make fun of their nudity, here at the seminar they accused him of causing disorder in a place where strict discipline ought to reign. These pictures, which would open the doors of fame for him, would also close the doors of the Seminary: from that day he was refused permission to photograph.’’

"I was right away fascinated by him, his hair as a white cloud, the cigar he smoked, the tobacco and ink smells" — these, Filippo's very words were translated into the fragrance.

Top NotesPetit grain, Bergamot, Galbanum, Myrrh
Heart NotesCedarwood, Geranium, Clary Sage, Cinnamon leaves, Styrax, Ylang-Ylang
Base NotesIncense, Benzoin, Tonka Beans, Tobacco Absolute, Amber (ambroxan), Sandalwood
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