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Delire de Voyage

Delire de Voyage
Delire de Voyage

Filippo Sorcinelli has expanded his portfolio with his new collection, Délire de Voyage, dedicated to sensory and artistic experiences arising from emotions.
'Delirium' is travel, the very meaning of the word is 'away from the furrow' (Latin: de lira), taking us away from normality, through real life experiences.
This series of limited editions will not just deliver an exclusive product but will also provide, for the first time, a unique synaesthetic experience.
An inquisitive traveller, Filippo shares his experiences like an overwhelming, reverberating echo.

“Epicentro”, extrait de parfum, is the fragrance dedicated to this phenomenon and in particular to Bolognola, a small town of 138 inhabitants, the highest in the Marche Region, located at the center of the Monti Sibillini National Park, seriously affected by the earthquake. The earthquake is a part..
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The délire de voyage collection is enriched by the second fragrance, dedicated and inspired by the terrible fire event of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris, which took place on April 15, 2019. The invitation, however, is to not stop on that date, but to open the true Esse..
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